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Thank you Monterey Symphony!

Still beaming from last week’s Love Letter to Carmel Vol. 2 with the Monterey Symphony!!

Absolutely magical music making by the orchestra and our soloists. Jayson Fann (who built and brought the giant redwood drum!), Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Marcie Chapa, and Emiliano Campobello for John Wineglass ’ Big Sur. As always, rockstar vocalists Malinda DeRouen Mueller and Justin Gaudoin, as well as Marc Teishulz on guitar.

Thank you to our composers for being there, The Film Music of Alan Silvestri, Mark Mancina, John Wineglass, and the man with no name himself, Clint Eastwood!

And a final thank you to everybody who made this show happen, Nicola Shangrow Reilly , Virginia Marine, Noemi Vera, Drew Ford , Doug Mueller and the stage/sound crew, Ken Smith and the lighting crew!


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