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SF State University end of year concert

I am super proud of the students of the San Francisco State University Wind Ensemble and SFSU Symphony Orchestra on their performance last night, and a big thank you to the audience members nearly packing the house.

This academic year has been tough. Bringing in person music making back has been a joy, but still so difficult with changing safety restrictions, covid surges, and all the other obstacles that this semester presented. I commend everyone on their hard work, resilience and grit through it all.

Extra congrats to our alumni soloist Bryan Kiangon a fantastic Nielsen Flute Concerto, to current SFSU Composition students Alexa Thanos and Sydney Roberts on their world premieres, grad conducting students Reece Owens and Phil Johnson for their pieces on the podium, and as always Zak Grafilo, co-director of the orchestra and Alexander String Quartet, and well as Sandy Walsh Wilson for sitting in the cello section.

We’ve had many great concerts this year, but last night especially felt like our musical community is getting back to normal. Much love to everyone and thank you!!

SF State School of Music Orchestra & Wind Ensemble

Of Our New Day Begun, @omarthomasmusic

The Grey-Faced Lady (World Premiere)

— Composed and conducted by Alexa K. Thanos

L’amant anonyme Overture, Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de St. George

— Conducted by Reece Owens

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, Carl Nielsen - SFSU Alumni Bryan Kiang, Flute

Children of Gaia, Opus 146, Robert Sheldon

Finding the Frontier (World Premiere), Sydney Roberts

Steampunk Suite, Erika Svanoe

— Conducted by Phil Johnson


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