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Marcus Transformative Research Award

I am thrilled to share that I was one of the three recipients of the Marcus Transformative Research Award from San Francisco State University. I will be presenting at the California Music Educators Association Bay Area Conference in January, as well as the California All-State Music Education Conference in February. More info below!

With "The Music of Francis Johnson," Music professor Brad Hogarth plans to transcribe the works of prolific 19th Century African American composer and performer, Francis Johnson (1794 –1844). Johnson, whose music has largely been lost to time, wrote more than two hundred compositions of various styles—operatic airs, Ethiopian minstrel songs, patriotic marches, ballads, cotillions, quadrilles, quicksteps, and other dances.

Working with manuscripts provided by the University of Pennsylvania's Kurt Stein collection of Francis Johnson, Hogarth will adapt and transcribe these works for modern ensembles ranging in size and difficulty; from collegiate and professional ensembles to more accessible forms so that public schools in the United States can easily add more underrepresented composers into their curriculum.


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