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Director of a new ensemble, the SFCM Wind Ensemble!

I am super thrilled to return to my alma-mater San Francisco Conservatory of Music as the conductor of the newly formed wind ensemble! A project years in the making, thank you to all my mentors and colleagues at SFCM for supporting its creation.

Through the magic of the Dante system, we had our first concert of chamber music safely recorded live in 8-12 different rooms at the same time, set to go online tomorrow night. Huge congrats to the musicians for their fantastic playing, and to the management and recording team for Olympic level logistics and tech management!!

Igor Stravinsky - Octet Anna Meredith - Octet ⁃ US Premiere Jonathan Bailey Holland - Dream Elegy ⁃ World premiere arrangement for 12 musicians Antonín Dvořák - Serenade for Wind Instruments- arr. Anne Dich for nonet


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