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Art Haus Collective performs 'in C' at Catharsis

Art Haus Collective is pleased to announce that at Burning Man 2022 “Waking Dreams” we will present a performance of Terry Riley’s seminal work of minimalism In C. In collaboration with Catharsis, an outdoor amphitheater embodying the spirit of community, we will create a one-of-a-kind communal music and movement experience. Riley’s indeterminate masterpiece invites any number of musicians to participate in the creation of the work as they play through the musical phrases at their own pace.

Choreographer Robin Dekkers has created movement modules to go along with the musical phrases which will be embodied by the dancers. The audience will be invited to experience the performance from inside, above, and around the performers as Catharsis invites a fully immersive experience breaking down the barriers between those giving and receiving the artistic gift. Catharsis is a fractal gallery for our infinite dreams and in C is a fractal composition of infinite possibility!

Please join us at sunset for this magical, ephemeral experience!


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