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SFCM Pre-College Contemporary Music Ensemble

Congratulations to the talented young musicians of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Pre-College Contemporary Music Ensemble! In prep for this concert, they were able to have masterclasses with both Jessie Montgomery and Michael Gilbertson, what a treat! More info below (sound starts at ~1:45)

Contemporary Music Ensemble

Brad Hogarth, Music Director

William Grant Still (1895 - 1978)

Preludes (~12') I. Moderately Fast

II. Moderately Slow

III. Delicately IV. Energetically

Jessie Montgomery (b. 1981)

Strum​ (~7')

Michael Gilbertson (b. 1987)

Fools Gold (​ ~9')

Performers Pierce Wang,​ violin

Milan Rohatgi, ​violin

Josiah de la Motte, ​violin

Pearl de la Motte, ​viola

Emily Hwang, ​viola

Simone Hsu, ​cello

Kody Thiessen, ​bass

Josephine Chan, ​piano


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