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Art Haus Collective - Stravinsky's Firebird

Behind Burning Man Art // Ep 02 - Firebird at Wing Portal

A big thank you to the amazing Vincent Rommelaere for featuring the Art Haus Collective in this great episode. Clips and interviews around our production of Stravinsky's Firebird!

-- description from Vincent --

''The art at Burning Man is often thought of as being large scale structures, giant dragons breathing fire and steam punk art cars driving through the dust. But creativity comes in all shapes and sizes and the playa is a melting pot of all forms of artistic expression – from flamboyant outfits, to theme camp events, poetry and music.

The Art Haus is a collective of musicians and performers who have been bringing classical and contemporary dance to Burning Man since 2017. In response to the 2019 theme of Metamorphosis, the Art Haus collective staged a performance of Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet. Accompanied by members of the San Francisco Symphony, the performance was staged beneath Wing Portal – a soaring artwork by Suki Somerwell. The artwork’s lighting display responded to the music and narratives of the performance and gave new life to this classic ballet. A metamorphosis in and of itself.

Hear from the directors, performers and artists in this latest episode of Behind Burning Man Art."


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